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Equipment for tennis courts

Super Sopper

Устройство для удаления влаги после дождя Super Sopper

The Super Sopper Some court owners and clubs demand a completely dry court for players and spectators alike. The 'Super Sopper' takes care of total water removal by lifting water off the court using an ingenious collection system that holds 7 or 14 gallons at a time. 

Recommended price: 1800 usd


How does the Super Sopper work? Water is lifted from a court using a sponge-covered barrel and is strained into the center of the porous barrel where it can be held and later emptied off the court. The Super Sopper is perfect for courts that tend to puddle in low areas and need total water removal to get courts in play fast. It can be used on both hard and soft courts. 

Available in 7-gallon and 14-gallon capacities
Mackerel 7 gallon container 58 lb.
Dolphin 14 gallon container 74 lb.

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