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Виброгаситель Свинка

from 3 usd 

Reduce the risk of tennis elbow while adding a little character to your racquet with a Gamma Zoo Damps Vibration Tennis Dampeners. Fun yet functional dampeners!

from 99 usd 

Whistles while stopping vibration in rackets. The faster you swing, the louder it whistles.

from 4 usd 

Hit a ball and the light blinks for 10 seconds! Dampens vibration in all rackets. Kids and juniors love it. 

from 4 usd 

Dampens vibration on all rackets while looking cute. Girls love it.

from 4 usd 

Dampens vibration in all rackets and looks cool doing it. 

from 4 usd 

This is what Pete Sampras used, and many pros still use it today. Made of silicone, hollow middle reduces drag and maintains feel. Sampras' name printed on each dampener. 

from 4 usd